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Title: P.S. I Hate You

Author: Sophie Ranald

Publication: 3 March 2022

Pages: 331 pages


Language: English


Relationship: Hanging by a thread.

Sex life: Dead on arrival.

Alcohol: Essential.

It’s normal to hate the man of your dreams, right?

Once upon a time, Abbie and Matt had swoon-worthy mini breaks in Paris, and Abbie would cook him steak wearing nothing but an apron and high heels. These days, they’re experiencing the longest dry spell on record… And Abbie is keeping a very big secret.

But she’s not ready to give up. Nobody knows Abbie like Matt does, and it helps that he’s tall, dark and handsome, with hazel eyes and dimples to die for.

Determined to reignite the romance, Abbie initiates Operation Memory Lane and recreates their happiest memories. Maybe breakfast in bed, sexy lingerie, dirty martinis and a romantic weekend in the countryside will bring back Abbie’s butterflies and make her giddy with happiness…

But revisiting the past is a risky business, and secrets always come out in the end. Will the truth ruin their second chance at love?


Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture for the ARC!

This is not an easy read actually. Dealing with Abbie and Matt, a couple who have been together for 20 years, including 9 years of marriage. At this stage, Abbie feels like the relationship between she and her husband not as sweet as before, it rather dry and bitter. Every little thing he did made Abbie angry. She knows that she can’t live without Matt but she also doubts whether she still love him or not. With the advice from her friend, Abbie want to rekindle the spark between them. This is a story about their struggle to be a better couple.

Honestly, I’m not married yet so maybe I can’t really feel what Abbie feels in this book. But sometimes I wonder, how it feels to live for a lifetime with your husband/wife. And this is what I see in this book. I feel like riding a roller coaster while read this because we have two timelines here. First is the time when they are still young and still madly in love with each other and the second time is the present time. With Abbie decision to use this “Operation of Memory Lane” we will see first their memories together, happy, and sad memories (sometimes) after that we follow their present time trying to revive their love.

It is so hard for both to revive that and always end up on argument. I also feel frustrated seeing their relationship which always ends in an argument while trying to be better. Everything okay at first but always ends wrong. But, when we look at their youth, when they were still very much in love with each other, their relationship was amazing. One of those couples who really match each other. No wonder Abbie's friends always say they are for each other. And I agree because when I see how comfortable they are with each other, their chats and jokes really match. Reading their youth was really fun. Therefore, I say it's like riding a roller coaster. At one point I was frustrated with their attitude today but reading their story when they were young made me fall in love with this couple.

That’s all the thing that happen in this book. But we will know for sure why this happens to them. There will always be a reason for something to happen, right? I don't feel bored while reading this. Even though it looks repetitive but I'm curious how their story will end. How can they survive and whether their mission to rekindle their love will succeed or will they give up?

One thing that is quite unfortunate, I only see from one side, namely Abbie's side even though I think it will be more interesting if I can see what Matt feels because I wonder what Matt thinking is. Several times I've seen Matt aware of their condition, but we can't really see that.

I give this book with 4/5 ⭐ rating! I love to follow their story so much! And of course, it gave me a lesson, about how important communication, and honesty between couple. I personally recommend this book for those who want to see love and relationships mature, stories that are very close to our lives.


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