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Title: Cinder-Nanny

Author: Sariah Wilson

Publication: 21 June 2022

Pages: 334 pages

ISBN: 9781542030588

Language: English


With her sister’s medical bills mounting, Diana Parker can’t say no to a high-paying opportunity like this: accompany a wealthy couple to Aspen and nanny their precocious five-year-old son for three months. Necessary qualifications? She must know how to ski and teach math, speak fluent French, excel at social graces, and hold a master’s degree in childhood development. Who’ll be the wiser that Diana’s only skill is packing for Colorado?

So far, so good—having a con woman for a mother has turned out to be a benefit, even if Diana has complicated feelings about telling lies. But she’s doing this for her sister. And the perks—like a ticket to a lavish charity fundraiser, a new gown, and a Prince Charming–adjacent earl named Griffin Windsor—are pretty irresistible. Diana can’t deny the Cinderella vibe.

Wary of gold diggers and scandal, England’s most eligible bachelor is nevertheless falling for Diana, and sweeping the not-quite princess off her feet.

The warmer their relationship becomes, the slipperier the slopes are for Diana. Sooner or later, she’ll have to come clean. When that happens, does an honest-to-goodness happy ending stand a chance?



Thank you NetGalley and Montlake for providing this ARC to me with an exchange honest review.

If you wonder if this is a retelling of Cinderella based on the title, no it is not. But, I might say that this is a story similar to that. From blurb you can even see that this is a love story between a Nanny and an Earl. Ordinary people with “royalty”. And this book setting in present time (I assume).

I’m excited to read this because at first I think this will be a royalty romance set in a castle, because I see an Earl. But actually no. Instead of royalty, we see rich men who are attracted to ordinary girl.

I want to share my experience while read this book. I was hook from the start! Yup, this book has a fast-paced plot, so it doesn't take long for the two main characters to meet. Moreover, they met at a party with dresses and formal clothes. It's really like a fairy tale! I also feel that there is insta-love here because it doesn't take long for the two to be attracted to each other especially Griffin. Even though they didn't immediately become lovers.

When it comes to the relationship between Diana and Griffin, I'm a fan! Their relationship was lively and exciting. They can have fun chats, have small debates, not to mention Griffin who often teases Diana to be able to ask Diana on a date. Griffin's efforts are extraordinary, even though Diana openly states that she only wants to focus on taking care of Milo, the children she has to take care of.

The conflict may have been predictable, regarding the difference in status that Diana and Griffin had. Even though at the beginning of the conflict, Diana had more distrust of Griffin, but still the problem of Griffin's status as an Earl was able to make Diana doubt. I was very excited when I read this when I saw Griffin's treatment of Diana, what he did to win Diana's heart. Then there is also the tug of war between the two which really made me unable to stop smiling while reading and of course I was very jealous!

You can't live your life in fear. You'll miss out on a lot of really great things if you do that.

All the characters in this book really make it easy to fall in love! Especially those around Diana, starting from the Crawfords family who are really good to Diana especially Milo! Super cute and adorable boy! Not to mention Sophie, Griffin's niece, who also adds lively colour to this book. Diana's sister, Alice, one of the best sister! Diana who is completely insecure and feeling inferior can actually depend morally on Alice. The relationship here is not only love but also the family that Diana has, both from Alice and from the Crawfords!

Diana here is not a real problem woman even though her past is quite dark especially here she lied a lot to get this job, moreover she also lied to Griffin about her true status. Makes me anxious when reading. But I like the frankness that Diana has, even though she lies a lot at the beginning but she tries to be honest little by little especially to Griffin, so there is no unimportant miscommunication between the two, what she doesn't like or makes her curious will be immediately stated by Diana.

And Griffin is the best character here! Not only because of his extraordinary romantic nature to the point of envy, but he is honest and sincere. I love the attitude of Griffin who always says what he thinks to Diana and is very open to Diana! In fact, he also told the reason why he was attracted to Diana, what a perfect person! Although there are still some things that could make us a little annoyed.

Overall I really like the story that is told here! Really like Cinderella but just a more modern version. I give 4/5 ⭐ rating! If you want to read a romance that will give you lots of smiles and an easy read, I really recommend this! I believe this worth your time to read!

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  1. Came across your post on Goodreads! Just added this to my TBR. So glad you enjoyed it. Romcoms like this is definitely right up my alley. :)

    1. Thank you for visiting!
      I agree, romcoms always such comfort genre for me too. Hope you can read this faster