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Title: The Cursed and the Broken

Author: Chloe Hodge

Publication date: 15 April 2022

Pages: 372 pages

ISBN: 9780645384918

Language: English


Years ago, the dark queen was executed by witches, her cultists hunted down like rats and forced into hiding. Their black magic buried and put to rest, all was well in the world … or so we thought.

Kitarni Barany, witch and shepherd of her flock, has always been different. There’s a darkness in her blood and a destiny beyond the border of her small village.

Corruption is spreading, and the whispers of cultists stir through the woods once again.

Betrothed to the heir of the Wolfblood Clan, she risks not only her life but her heart. United, they must stand against the cultists, or watch the Kingdom of Hungary fall.

Cursed by Death and controlled by Fate, Kitarni is forced to meet her demons … or die by them.

A story of succumbing to wicked desires, death, and the temptations of a deliciously dangerous love.



I believe if you are searching for a book with dark fantasy, enemies to lovers, arrange marriage, and witches you might want to read this book as soon as possible!

 Magic can make monsters out of all of us 

This book has a dark vibe happen from the beginning to the end. It opens with the encounter of Kitarni and Death which will ensure that Kitarni has been "targeted" by something bigger and that Kitarni's life will never be the same as before. Kitarni herself from the beginning had become a different witch, not only with the people in her village but even with her own family. She can't use earth magic like her mother and sister, she is even always covered by the darkness within her, and she always endures it. The disappearance of Hanna is a trigger for Kitarni to find out what happened because this is not the first time someone has disappeared from her village. The fact that she found in the forest changed everything, that there were sects that wanted to resurrect the Dark Queen.

I love the story so much! Direct to the point and didn’t talk about unimportant things. The plot given is in moderate paced, so any information needed to build this story is conveyed very well. I didn't feel the slightest bit of boredom when I read it. The world building is also very well written. Even though the setting isn't used many places but with a good explanation it's easy for me to imagine what kind of world they lived. I can also feel the eerie vibes the author is trying to create in this book. The book will full of blood and battle. I like how the author create this battle scene in the book even though I know this is not the “main battle” yet.

The characters are likeable, I love Kitarni and Dante! Kitarni is a badass woman! I love how strong and smart she is. She can control her darkness and really love her family. The way Kitarni interact with her family is so sweet. I really love their family relationship despite the truth that reveal to them. Dante is mysterious, we don’t know much about him except the one he tells Kitarni. He is a great man if we saw it from Kitarni eyes. We don’t get his POV, so we didn’t know what is the real him.

 Blood doesn't make a family, Caitlin, bonds do 

Kitarni and Dante is always at each other throat since the beginning. They fight together but also always bickering. I love to see how their bantering, nonstop and always happen between them. Even though we can see their non-stop bickering, but we can also see how Kitarni is slowly being attracted to Dante, even though she repeatedly evades but seeing Dante who also cares a lot about Kitarni makes us slowly love their relationship even more. They can be said to have been attracted to each other, but they are also still at odds and don't trust each other. Great enemies to lovers or enemies but still lover?

 You never need to hide from me, Kitarni. You are beautiful, inside and out. And you are mine 

One thing that make me can’t wait for the next book is the PLOT TWIST! I never expected something like that will be happen in the story. I can’t believe what I read and literally screaming while reading this. It is soooo good and I want to know what will happen sooner, and of cource what will happen to Kitarni and Dante relationship based on this ending.

I give this book rating 4/5 ⭐! Love it so much! Must read for anyone who love fantasy, enemies to lovers, arrange marriage, one bed trope, great battle, and super good plot twist!


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