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Title: The Rebel King (Deviant Kings #2)

Author: Gina L. Maxwell

Expected Publication: 25 July 2023

Pages:352 pages

ISBN: 9781649373489

Language: English



All work and no wicked play makes Tiernan a very unsatisfied king…

Of all the Verran brothers, Tiernan is the least suited to wear the Night Court crown. The Rebel Prince is happy with no responsibilities or accountability―just the freedom to pursue his own dark, lush pleasures in Sin City. Including his secret hunger for a certain smart-mouthed, fiery redhead.

Only, the possibility of having Fiona is stripped away when Tiernan is thrust into the one role he never king . As king of the Dark Fae, wanting―let alone pursuing―anything with a lower-caste fae like Fiona would shift from fun…to forbidden.

Now war is emerging from the shadows of Vegas, and Tiernan is caught between who he’s meant to be and who he wants . And somewhere in this maelstrom of lust, love, and rebellion is the key to the Dark Fae’s survival…even if the cost is more than he can imagine.



Thank you NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC for giving me the ARC. Here I leave my honest review!

Honestly I didn’t read the first book (but I think I will later). I didn’t know when I request the book that this book is part of series. Actually this book is interconnected series so we see different couple as the main character but the previous couple still involve in the story. Even tough it has different couple but I still recommend to read this book in order of the series. Because the problem connect with the previous book and still continue to the next book.

Even I didn’t read the first book it still okay for me to know the major problem and what kind of world the live now. The author did a good job to briefly explain to a new reader like me to understand the story but it will of course spoil the story from the first book.

Fiona and Tiernan. The maid and The King. You now for sure that this will be a forbidden love. Start with relationship with benefit now they know that they mean much more to each other. The book itself has two conflict, the first one is continue from previous book, with this organization want to banish the Dark Fae and the second of course between Fiona and Tiernan, their status surely become a hurdle for their future.

I’m not sure how the author describe their relationship in the first book. But here we just know that they have a relationship without label. We continuously see their need for each other. So I think I lost a moment of their beginning, how their feeling develop and how they act toward each other before. Despite what happen between them before, I think with them realize what they want toward each other show us how they behave with each other later.

With dual POV I know exactly how they feel. I like their relationship with little banter but still care for each other. The way Tiernan treat Fiona differently after what happen to her, how he help her to face her problem, save her on any situation. I think as a character I love Tiernan. He knows what he wants and still trying so hard to protect his family too. And I love how Tiernan trying so hard to make it happen with Fiona.

“In chess, the king is useless without the queen, and the same is true in life. I’m nothing without my queen by my side. As long as we’re together, we can’t lose.”

But, I think the problem regarding the Dark Fae and his court not solve really well. I’m not pleased with how they solve the problem. I don’t know if it’s the author’s way to make this problem bigger for the next book but I was hoping something much better than that.

Power is as ruinous as it is advantageous.

I think the romance is much more better than the fae problem. A little disappointed but I still recommend this book. I give this book rating 3.5/5  with 3 🌶. If you love fantasy romance maybe this book is for you!


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