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Title: Requited Unrequited Love

Author: Mina Ramzy

Publication: 20 January 2023

Pages: 408 pages

ISBN: 9798359611701

Language: English



A full-fledged adult in the eyes of society, but not in the eyes of her mother, who follows the norms of their culture blindly. This is Kristina—a daughter of two Egyptian immigrant parents—and her doomed reality. She still lives at home and has absolutely zero freedom, both preventing her from crossing off the mundane items on her many bucket lists.

As a psychology major, Kristina tries to cope—for instance, by talking with her pen pal, Adam, as her online persona, Eve. Even though she avoids men at all costs because of her past, he happens to be the only exception.

Kristina is aware that if she were to get married, then—poof—magically, that would all change. Because by gaining a husband, she would be gaining her freedom, although compromising her detestation for her desire. It’s an unfortunate two-package deal, but the only solution.

Enter Augustine and his—quite literal—proposal. The only problem? He’s a rude, arrogant, ill-mannered demon of a man who Kristina cannot stand. Neither can he stand her, but he has his own two-package deal—his own hidden gain.

So, the feeling is mutual; they get married, pretend to love each other in front of others, and live their separate lives, keeping their distance from one another when no one is watching.

Also mutual? They’re both unaware of the fact that they’re already close—as Adam and Eve.

A win-win for all indeed. Strictly business.

What could possibly go wrong? Other than facing a new set of mundane items, such as deception, love, and rejection.



Requited Unrequited Love by Mina Ramzy is about Kristina who feel restrained in her own house, because in her family, women is not free to do anything she wants except when she's got married. but Kristina has no desire to get married because of her past. And then Augusinus come to the page, he offers marriage of convenience for a lifetime because in their belief they can not divorce and of course the reward is a freedom that she's already dream since forever. But there's a problem, because Kristina really hates Augustinus.

I knew this book from tiktok and I believed I saved around 2 or 3 videos about this book. So I decided to read this book as my first read in 2024. But unfortunately this book not really for me even tough the trope is one of my favorite. This book have marriage of convenience and enemies to lovers trope. At the beginning of the book, the author already mention that this book might be considerd more non fiction. And true to the warning, it really feels like reading a non fiction book. I honestly didn't read non fiction book because it is hard for me. I either sleep on it or DNF it on early chapter.

When I read this book, it is hard for me to continue. When we open a new chapter, there will be a slight message between Kristina and her pen pal. After we follow a long long lesson the author tried to tell us, it could be more than 5 pages, the story will continue again from the last one. I know the author try to give some moral value for the readers but I think it could be hit or miss for the readers and for me it is a miss. I skip so much of Kristina monolog. If I didn't do that surely I will DNF this book.

I was hoping the plot of main story could lift up my perception of this book, but it didn't do anything to I hope for. I can't relate with Kristina at all. I knew she has a bad past, even a traumatic one but her logic for hating Augustinus doesn't make sense. Even I as a reader, reading from Kristina POV, can see what is Augustinus intention toward her. Meanwhile I love Augustinus here. He’s not a warm person but he’s trying so hard to be sweet, loving and caring person toward Kristina. He’s working so hard to make their relationship better, but no you will not expect that from Kristina. She’ll close her eyes and her heart towards everything Augustinus doing even run away from it.

But what even stranger is Kristina affection toward Adam, her pen pal. We only see a glimpse of their conversation in chatting apps and that’s it. That is one of the reason why Kristina denied her feeling toward Augustinus. We also know the trauma Kristina had in the past but suddenly she can peace with herself even the relationship between them is improve.

You have to sacrifice something to gain something better or what you desire

Do I recommend this book? Well, I personally give this book 3 with 3 🌶 meter. This book not for me because I’m not good with non-fiction but if you love non-fiction book you could love this book because I saw many people love this book. Even the trope is generally like by much people and we got to see Egyptian culture little by little in this book.

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