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Title: The Book of Azrael (Gods & Monster #1)

Author: Amber Nicole

Publication date: 29 March 2022

Pages: 488 pages

ISBN: 9781737706755

Language: English


World Ender meets Ender of Worlds...

A thousand years ago, Dianna gave up her life in the deserts of Eoria to save her dying sister. She called upon anyone who would listen, not expecting a monster far worse than any nightmare to answer. Now she does what Kaden asks, even if that means securing an ancient relic from the very creatures that hunt her.

A King thought long dead and long forgotten.

In the old world his name was Samkiel. In the new world it is Liam, but one title remains true throughout time. He is the World Ender, a myth to his enemies, a savior and King to those loyal to him. After the Gods War, he locked himself away, hiding from the world. He denied his crown and responsibilities, leaving the very ones who needed him most to deal with the fallout of the death of their homeworld. Now an attack on those he holds dear sends him back to the one realm he never wished to visit again and into the sights of an enemy he thought imprisoned eons ago. Now enemies older than time must put aside their differences and work together in hopes of saving both their world and every realm in between.


Thank you NetGalley and Rose and Star Publishing, LLC for giving this book to review! All review here is my honest review.

Like the name of this series, Gods and Monsters, there will be two sides, namely Gods and also the Monsters where our main character will also be in a different side. Dianna, who was once a human, had to let herself be turned into a monster in order to save her sister's life. Now she has turned into the deadliest weapon in the Otherworld, for the sake of her sister she is willing to do anything as long as she lives in peace.

There are 2 points of view here, we will follow the point of view of Dianna and Liam, King of Gods. With these two points of view, we can see what really happened in the past and why this great hostility occurred. The book is indeed quite thick but as the first book in a series this book provides all the information we need, from the story of Dianna, Liam's past to what really happened to these Gods.

The plot is conveyed well, even when the story was in the past, I as a reader was not confused because the author was able to distinguish between the past and the present. Maybe the world that was told was a bit confusing for me, I imagined their world was like the world we are in now but how come it looks a bit different too, that's why I feel a bit confuse about where their world is, but the explanation of the background is good.

This book is full of action scenes. In particular, the battle between these two sides. The depiction of the "war" action is well described and quite detailed too. While reading this, I didn't get bored except at the beginning it was a bit difficult for me to connect with the story but after Dianna’s arrest by Liam *oops* the story became really exciting and I couldn't stop reading!

For the character, I really like Dianna. She is strong, cruel, ruthless, typical of villainess but on the other side we can see Dianna's sweetness, especially when it comes to Gaby. Meanwhile, Liam is usually silent and thinks a lot, more rigid than other characters, but once we know what happened to Liam, everything makes sense about his behaviour.

The relationship between Dianna and Liam was indeed very hostile at the beginning. However, when they go on a journey and are forced to stay together, the two begin to slowly open up. I love that Dianna actually becomes Liam's "saviour" during his nightmares and Liam relies on Dianna. Seeing the two who are already attracted to each other but remember that the feeling they feel is forbidden is enough to make their relationship hot and cold. But seeing them jealous of each other is really fresh, so it makes me smile out loud at their sarcastic behaviour. But still if something is dangerous, they immediately become protectors of each other.

"I didn't remember how long we talked, but somewhere amidst her laughter and smiles, I decided I would rip the whole world for her."

I can't imagine their future or the ending, will they be together or not. Seeing Dianna's still not open up and Liam's hesitation, especially at the ending, it makes me worried to.

I give this book 4.5/5 I love that all is happening here in this book! If you like enemies to lovers, forbidden love, one bed trope you must read this book!

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