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Title: A Night of Wings and Starlight (Eternal Night #1)

Author: Alexis L. Menard

Publication date: 21 April 2022

Pages: 273 pages

ISBN: 9781648981708

Language: English


Breaking the curse will risk her heart, her life, and the future she never thought possible.

Before Arya was Chosen, she knew nothing of what lay waiting in the eternal night—certainly not alluring yet arrogant winged Watchers, a cursed queen, nor the possibility that she could be more than a runner, carrying messages through the vampyre-infested wastelands of Valdihr.

But the biggest surprise waiting in the dark is the brazen Watcher who sparks her heart and calls her a Huntress.

A hundred years shrouded in darkness and Arya is the only one who can finally bring back the dawn. With a blessing that marks her for death and an infuriatingly tantalizing man at her side, Arya must embrace her calling and her courage in order to face the danger lurking in the shadows. Because the night holds more than just secrets, and the monsters are closer than she realizes.



Thank you NetGalley and City Owl Press to give me this book!

Love only requires to be given, then received. No perquisites, no obligations, no risk for its reward.

This book tells us about Arya, one of the runners who is now 20 years old, and this is her last year to become "The Chosen" who will carry out her duties in the outside world but if she fails to become The Chosen then she must leave the mountain where she has lived for 20 years and living a different life from the one she knew so far. Until finally she had the opportunity to become The Chosen and carry out her mission. Without knowing that the world she knew so far was very different from the one she knew. There are many other things than what her Queen told her. Now, Arya must choose, she must believe what she sees or believe in her Queen that already take her for 20 years.

I can say that this book has a really fast paced. The moment we read on page 1, the author directly told us how dark this book will be. Not only because there’s no sun here and always night but the story itself is dark. Full of blood, full of war, full of battle and magic.  But, despite how fast the story progressing, author still tell us everything we should know about. We will know the reason why there’s no sun anymore, story of the God and even the background of the Queen. Everything is explained easily without making us bored while reading. One of the things that made me like this book is that it is straight to the point, and we can easily get the information we really need.

A very solidly built world. There are various settings of the place that are displayed and all of them are explained easily, making it easier for me to imagine what kind of world was built in this book. The story itself nicely explain. And I love the travel Arya must take to obtain the answer she needs. Like I said above, this book quite dark. From the start we will be given a blood combat, we will see a monster that love blood, plenty of fights and nicely written of the “real” battle between Arya and the enemies. I love the way author wrap this book and if I’m not mistaken there will be a second book. Actually, the story itself is finish here. We have the ending from Arya and Azriel story, so the next book is more like the expand world from this book.

If we talk about Arya. She really is a smart and strong female character. She really shines in this book. The way she fights for herself, the way she faces many dangerous situations with clever move, I fell in love instantly to her.

And the male character I love, of course it’s Azriel. The winged Watcher that is hot and flirtatious to Arya. I always love how he tease Arya from the moment they met. The way he tries to protect Arya. From a brief explanation I believe Azriel is one of the strongest Watcher but I think Arya outshine his character, because in a critical moment we only see Arya fight to the fullest and trying to win the situation, and not only once. It’s quite unfortunate actually, because I think it would be much memorable if Arya and Azriel join their power to defeat the enemies. I didn't see Azriel's full power here.

Is there any romance here? Absolutely yes! Quite insta love but still great one. I love Arya and Azriel relationship so much! The way they care with each other and always protect each other too. You could anticipate their love story.

I'm not scared to kiss you - I'm scared of losing you

Finally I give this book rating 4/5 ⭐.  I can read this book quickly and if you love strong female character with good world building, you would love this book! 


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