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Title: Second Star to the Left

Author: Megan Van Dyke

Publication Date: 15 February 2022

Pages: 302 pages

ISBN: 9781648981395

Language: English


Tinker Bell, banished from her homeland for doing the unthinkable, selling the hottest drug in Neverland—pixie dust—wants absolution.

Determined to find a way home, Tink doesn’t hesitate to follow the one lead she has, even if that means seducing a filthy pirate to steal precious gems out from under his…hook.

Captain Hook believes he’s found a real treasure in Tink. That is, until he recovers from her pixie dust laced kiss with a curse that turns the seas against him. With his ship and reputation at the mercy of raging storms, he tracks down the little minx and demands she remove the curse. Too bad she can’t.

However, the mermaid queen has a solution to both of their problems, if Tink and Hook will work together to retrieve a magical item for her.

As they venture to the mysterious Shrouded Isles to find the priceless treasure, their shared nemesis closes in. However, his wrath is nothing compared to the realization that achieving their goal may mean losing something they never expected to find—each other.




Thank you NetGalley and City Owl Press to providing this ARC for an honest review.

    Enemies to lovers ✅

    Found Family ✅

    Retelling of Peter Pan ✅

    Fantasy Romance ✅

I chose this book purely because this book is a retelling from Peter Pan. Peter Pan is one of the classics that I like the most in both the film and the book, especially since it was the film I watched as a child. What's unique about this book is that we don't see it from Peter or Wendy's side, but from Captain Hook and Tinker Bell.

Follows the story of Tink who is on a mission to find objects in the legend so that he can find a way to return to his home. With many events, Tink accidentally has to work with Captain Hook and the Jolly Rogers crew to complete his mission.

The story offered is very different from the classic, of course because it follows a different main character. However, that does not reduce the sense of exciting adventure that follows this character. In this story we follow a lot of Hook and Tink's journey, from one place to another. So, those who like travel tropes will like this book.

The conflict is not only limited to finding this legendary "object", but there are also problems with pirates that make the story more complex and nervous. Revenge, "war" with other pirates into a new colour in this book. The problem with these pirates goes hand in hand with their quests and relates to both Tink and Hook.

There are also many elements of surprise in this book. In fact, I never expected this to happen, so when I read, I was really surprised by the twist. Moreover, it turns out that the characters around them have many hidden characters. There is also an action section that is really fun to follow, especially when the peak of the conflict has broken out, namely when the war between pirates.

The world building is also explained clearly and easily, so there is no difficulty at all to imagine it. The magic elements that exist are also not too difficult to imagine. The world is wide, although the life of the pirates is not explored because they are mostly on land.

While reading this I really tried to read in a neutral manner without remembering what they looked like in the film, which I remember very well. Because of the nature and the physical appearance there are some that are different from the ones I'm familiar with. But, apart from that, I really like Tink and Captain Hook in this book.

For the characters, I really fell in love with Tink and Hook. Especially the relationship between the two of them. Those who were originally enemies, often argued, but bonded with each other. Always invites a smile when you see their little fight which is certainly followed by Hook who always teases Tink. Many moments where they seem to deny the existence of each other but when we read what they think is completely different. But, when they're honest, both are lovable! I really like their relationship which eventually turned into being there for each other. It's interesting to follow the development of the relationship between these two characters!

The characters in the Jolly Rogers crew are also warm and kind. It's different from what I thought about pirates being rude, but they are really nice and the bond between the crew is also very strong, especially their trust in Hook, it's really unexpected. Not to mention, when Tink had to join them instead of being hated, she was really loved. This is one of the best found family trope books!

I personally give this book a 4.5/5 rating. Interesting story makes you can't stop reading, characters that are easy to like, and good conflicts too! I would really recommend it for those who like Peter Pan, fantasy, pirates and of course romance! However, it must be remembered that this book is an adult fantasy book!


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