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source: Goodreads

Title: Weaver

Author: Tish Thawer

Publication date: 21 June 2022

Pages: 282 pages

ISBN: 9781087984537

Language: English


He walked out of my dream, identifying himself only as the Weaver. In a black cloak, with eyes like stars, there was a shimmer to the way he moved. He was beautiful. Ethereal... and I was going to make him mine.

Alone for most of her life, Milly is determined to make the man of her dreams a reality. Using her hereditary magic, she sets out on a lifelong quest, entering a world of shadows and secrets. But little does she know, to possess his heart, she'll have to give away her own... for the only way to love a Dream Weaver is to become his Queen of Nightmares.

The choice between love and magic is a dangerous thing.


Thank you NetGalley and Amber Leaf Publishing for giving me this book!

From the beginning of the book, we are immediately introduced to the two main characters who will accompany us throughout this book. Milly is a witch who lives in a cabin in the woods, she has lived alone since her mother died. She makes a living by selling the plants he grows herself as well as various crystals. Every night she saw this man who always followed her in her dreams. In the loneliness she felt, Milly wanted to make this man come out of hiding and be with Milly.

While reading this I felt a magical and fairy tale vibe. Cabins in the forest, plants, witch, dreamscapes and various amazing locations. I love how the author describes the world that Milly lives in is very warm and when he meets the Weaver, Roarke, and their peaceful dream journey makes me guess where it will go and what kind of conflict will be raised. Makes me can't stop reading from the start!

With a warm opening and to the point, without much explanation we will see these two characters will naturally be attracted to each other. Even though Milly had many doubts in herself but she still chose to be with Roarke.

After their meeting in the dreamscape and Milly's acceptance of Roarke, I felt that the plot of this book was slower than the beginning. For a moment we will only follow Milly and Roarke's journeys in dreamscape. Following those who started getting to know each other even though there were still so many doubts in Milly that at one point I was annoy by her attitude. It's still a little bit unclear where the conflict is going.

It turns out that the title Queen of Nightmare will be the problem here. Milly to accept Roarke had to become the Queen of Nightmare, but there were several incidents that made Milly hesitate because it was not in accordance with the "values" she faced and also turned out to be a problem in this dreamscape.

 Nightmares were the dose of reality everyone needed to stay safe. Warnings your subconscious offered as a way to prepare you for life 

Actually, the conflict is interesting for me. It's just the execution that I'm not satisfied with. I felt something was missing when it reached the peak of the problem. Milly's journey to find out about this dreamscape is still fun to follow, only when I'm in the "battle" I feel dissatisfied because nothing big happened like what I usually read, that's why I'm quite dissatisfied in this part even though I like the ending but towards that ending not even as expected.

I love the characters, not too much character here, maybe just around 4 people I really see do the conversation here. I love Milly, she is smart, strong and I love how Milly says her spell. It’s not like a spell we know from magic book but more like a prayer. Roarke is described as someone who beautiful and hot but I think he did not have a strong presence in this book. He just revolves around Milly. I don’t know how great his magic is and didn’t really see he use it. This book more focus on Milly characters and their relationship. Even we know the back story of Roarke but he as a character is not paid much attention. One thing for sure he loves Milly so much and adore her, so it nice to see. Their relationship kind of instant so there's not too much chemistry even though we can see strong feelings or love between them.

Finally, I gave this book rating of 3.5/5 ⭐! Such an easy read for me and maybe if you want something easy to read with beautiful world and kind of fairy tale vibes you can read this book!


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