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Title: Just Between Us (Just Us #2)

Author: Madison Wright

Publication date: 18 November 2022

Pages:  301 pages

ISBN: 9798823117777

Language: English



Ellie Bates is in big trouble.

When her parents, the owners of the apartment complex she manages, tell her she’s on her last strike, Ellie knows she can’t break any more rules or risk getting fired. She needs to tread very, very carefully or chance falling straight through this thin ice beneath her feet.

That’s easier said than done when Camden Lane moves into her complex and starts flipping her world upside down. But dating residents is off-limits and getting close to him is a rule she's not willing to break.

Camden Lane can’t get Ellie out of his head.

He may be in town for work, but it’s Ellie that his focus keeps drifting toward. Between his impending departure date and her parent’s rules, he knows nothing can happen. Except, the more time they spend together, the harder and harder it gets to resist the pull they feel toward each other.

When the lines between them start to blur, Camden and Ellie have to decide where their priorities lie. Is what they have worth what’s at stake?


Thank you NetGalley and Madison Wright for the ARC, I leave my honest review here!

When I read this book, few things I don’t usually like from book is shown here. From insta-love to relationship full of hesitation. But surprisingly, I actually love this book, I love the relationship between Ellie and Cam.

Ellie and Cam met at one of the club and they just click right away, spend one night by dancing together enough to make them can’t forget each other. But next day, they found out that Cam actually Ellie’s tenant, and she get rules to follow. No close relationship with her tenant especially love relationship or she will get fired by her parents. Ellie love her flat so much as well all of the tenant, she loves the job and can not lose it for a man, but  what she got from Cam is everything she never get before.

The book will focus on blur line that set by Ellie and Cam toward their relationship. Ellie has rules she need to follow and Cam will leave after 2 months. We got two POVs here, so we will know what they really thinking about the possibility of their relationship.

 The best relationships are the ones you have to fight for.

Ellie is a great character, she is so kind, devoted to her job, sweet to her people. But she also eager to get validation from her parents. This is why Cam and Ellie relationship hard to build at first. Cam from beginning already set his heart for Ellie but he didn’t want to give it to her if she didn’t on the same page as him (of course girl~) and Ellie always considering, always doubt, she’s ready to throw out her happiness just for her parent. And I hate her parent. They didn’t deserve Ellie at all. Usually I will hate Ellie for her hesitance, but here I see that she want to show herself to her parent and I can’t blame her (I just want to blame her Mom!!!)

Well, throughout the book you will find Ellie’s hesitance. But, the one I really love is Cam of course! I love how he always care for Ellie, respect her decision, know for sure what he want and tell Ellie what’s he thinking. He is so sweet for sure, no matter Ellie’s attitude toward him, he always try his best to help her. And of course I love their relationship so much! It slow for sure, but I can feel the love. Every moments they make is so sweet and beautiful. I love how the author explain their moments, its warm and lovable. They have a “secret” relationship and how they spend their time together is so precious, and I really like their nickname to each other, Daisy and Dave, it feel so special for two of them. I love them so much!

 You are an explosion of color in a dreary landscape. You’re a striped sweater in a crowd of black dresses. You, Ellie Bates, are the statement piece the whole house is designed around. 

I also think there’s a found family trope here, with all the residents, Ellie’s best friend, Wes and Lo. I even like the relationship between Ellie and her brother, they protect each other and importantly support Ellie in every situation.

I really recommend this book to everyone who want to read a good romance, beautiful description, beautiful relationship. I give this book rating 4/5 !


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