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Title: The Fated and The Damned

Author: Chloe Hodge

Publication: 16 February 2023

Pages: 360 pages

ISBN: 9780645384949

Language: English


The Dark Queen has risen. War is coming.

Desperate to save her people and secure allies, Kitarni must forge her position as leader of the coven and lady of Mistvellen.

The only way to do that is to marry him.

The man who betrayed her ... and the one who has her heart.

With demons roaming the land and humans on a witch hunt, their only means of survival lies in Death's fabled crown. The only problem is, it's hidden in the Under World, and the price of entry might be too much to bear.

Only the cursed one can save her people.

Only the wolf lord can save her.


When I know the second book already released, I abandon all my TBR to read this first. After what happen in the first book especially the ending, I can not wait to read the second book!

The conclusion is I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!

This book started directly after the ending of the first book. A little bit spoiler for the first book, we know that Dante “betrayed” Kitarni to save his brother. And for sure their relationship get worse. We know they love each other but Kitarni can’t trust Dante anymore. But don’t worry guys, it could be frustrated a little bit at first but we don't need long to see them come to terms with their condition which is indeed in this difficult time. A lot people say that they wish it could be longer before Kitarni and Dante reconcile but I think the author already done a great job to make things clear between them sooner because the main conflict in this book is more bigger and complex.

Kitarni and Dante relationship for sure much better than the first book. They are more open with their feeling, more care toward each other and more love sprouting between them. Kitarni and Dante become more mature with their decision. They clearly become one of my favorite couple!

 “My sword was yours the moment you asked for it. My life was yours the moment I swore to protect you. My heart? That you claimed for your own, tooth and nail and bloody beautiful murder. It was always yours. It will always be yours, from this day to my last.” 

The conflict between this witches clan and the Dark Queen is execute really well. The conflict rises not to slowly and we can see their effort to counter the Dark Queen not forgetting the involvement from Death and Fated. The battle between witches clan and The Dark Queen also amazing. I can't stop reading it, mesmerizing me with how the author unfold the battle. It got me shudder with what happen and how the end solve between them, and we also can see Dante and Kitarni amazing love in this battle and the end of the battle, OH MY GOD, it got me tear up! We can see their desperation for each other. SO GOOD!

You are my person, Kitarni. Mine. I will not let you go. Please don't go.

I also love other characters in this book, especially for Andras! I think he is the best best friend ever! He loves Kitarni and Dante the same, and the real hero to help Kitarni and Dante to reconcile their relationship faster. He help them, protect them and love them. I want my Andras!

For the second book I give 5/5 ! I amazed with this book, I think everything is perfect. I really recommend this duology for you who loves fantasy romance! It got the perfect amount of romance, great battle, and found family!


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  1. kayanya menarik, aku uda jarang banget baca fantasi. baru-baru ini aku pengen banget baca buku judulnya the adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi. Banyak yang bilang bagus soalnya

    1. Aku udah baca tuh Adventures of Amina Al Sirafi, sayang males buat reviewnya jadi gak up di blog, kalo suka yang romance nya kentel akan suka sama buku ini. Kalo mau yang banyak adventure nya emang cocok baca yang Amina itu karena emang cerita ttg pirates + fantasy gitu kan

  2. Ic, siap. Aku suka romance juga, kok. Aku sebenernya omnireader xD