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source: Goodreads

Title: Flawless

Author: Elsie Silver

Publication: 24 June 2022

Pages: 400 pages

ISBN: 9798359611701

Language: English


The rules were keep his hands off his agent's daughter and stay out of trouble. But now he's stuck with her. There's only one bed. And well, rules are made to be broken.

Rhett Eaton is the face of professional bull riding. The golden boy. Or at least he was until it all blew up in his face after a public brawl. Now his agent says he has to clean up his image, and sticks Rhett with his ball-busting daughter for the rest of the season as "full-time supervision."

But Rhett doesn't need a goddamn babysitter―especially one with skin-tight jeans, a sexy smirk, and a mouth she can't stop running. A mouth he can't stop thinking about. And he quickly learns that Summer Hamilton isn't just another conquest. She sees the man behind the mask, and she doesn't run―she pulls him closer, even when she shouldn't. She says this means nothing. Rhett says this means everything. She says there are boundaries they shouldn't cross. That Rhett's reputation can't take any more hits…and neither can her damaged heart. Rhett says he's going to steal it anyway.


Elsie Silver is not a new name for me. I've already read 2 books from her before regardless of the order. I already read Heartless and Reckless, decided to read this two first because of the trope it hold. Because I need to read some romance to cure my slump so I try reading Flawless from Elsie Silver now.

Flawless is a story between Rhett and Summer. Rhett is a bull rider who had just been hit by a scandal and now is in a difficult position. Summer is Kip daughter, Rhett agent. Just working at their agency and now must work as Rhett assistance, watching him 24 hours 7 days to make sure he behave well. Kip hopes that Summer can make everything back to the place but little did he know that everything between Summer and Rhett surely to change.

I personally think that the plot from this book not that complex but still has a good drama on it. Rhett and Summer has a different personality, while Rhett didn't really care about what others think, Summer is a people pleasure, she's care about what people say about her. That's why at first it's hard for them to work together even tough I can see some spark between them.

I love the romance between Rhett and Summer but I wish I could see more couple thing they do here because most of their romance happen either in work traveling or when Summer nursing Rhett. We can not really see their lovey dovey moment in everyday life, it just describe as is.

Choosing each other. Finding each other. Showing up for each other. And everything about the moment is flawless.

The conflict still good not that great but I enjoy reading it. It makes Rhett and Summer relationship turn out better, I kind of angry with what happen between Rhett and Summer well especially Rhett, there will be a good groveling from Rhett toward Summer but I still wish it could be more actually.

The other characters is great, either I really hate them or I love them and I love the side from Rhett family, their loving toward each other even when they not really show it to Rhett. And don't ask me about what I think from Summer side, it boiled me.

Really recommend this book, I gave 4 and 3.5 🌶 meter, well maybe more of spice because it is surely hot between them. So, if you loved to see enemies to lovers, grumpy x sunshine and sport romance, you could love this book! 


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